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Are we still living with underlying currents that carries a “hand me down” belief of male headship? Is there still an unspoken code that expects more males to rise in lead ministry positions and females to occupy support roles?   Is equal opportunity a legitimate progressive practice or a noble negligible gesture? Is the conversation even still relevant?

These questions are answered through a progression of thought that explores how we form our opinions,  how effective ministry happens,  what covert theologies have restricted women, and how to interpret the Bible’s “difficult” or “crazy” passages.  Built on a foundation of “gift based ministry” Framed is showered in the prophet Joel’s “Spirit’s empowerment for all.”

In a tone of respect and grace, the reader is taken on a journey that not only unpacks the women in ministry issue but orients us to broaden our frameworks of thinking to embrace more of God’s big picture.

Great for personal and church or ministry school use.

Due for release December 2017



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