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 A Fascination With Forward now in its third print run has been published in Australia, USA, and Russia. It captures the vexing dynamic of “forgiveness” with a fresh and palatable approach finding its way into the most banal or muddy places in human experiences.

The reader is led to a flow of discovery of the vexing dynamic of forgiveness onto reflecting, owning and reassessing their own story in light of its profound yet practical tools to move forward.

Birthed on the anvil of her own pain, A Fascination With Forward is a paradigm shift in thinking, wrapped in a positive message of life and hope.


“A Fascination With Forward is a book you’ll keep coming back to. Read it, read it again and get it to someone you care about!” Dan, Victoria.

“We are now using your book in a small group situation where men and women are reflecting on new ways to move out of their stuck places, new ways to view their circumstances, their life, and their future.” Adele and Greg. NSW, Australia

“We are using A Facination With Forward in our rehab center with great feedback on the principles of moving forward” Founders, Auckland, New Zealand

Leveraging Life is a mentoring framework for healthy personal or corporate mentoring premised on principled values and the success secrets of CEO’s and winning businesses.

The question is not whether or not we need mentors we do. Nor is it whether we can be one – we can.  The question is whether we can lift the lid on our own limitations, grow despite our circumstances or push through self-imposed or even externally imposed boundaries!  To release the capacity within us to see better options, make better choices and get better outcomes – we need mentors!

Use Leveraging Life as a mentoring course for leaders or students, as P.D for your leaders, as a unit in your ministry school, as a tool for positively changing your culture, or as a progression of personal growth.


“Before Leveraging Life I never gave much thought to how the differences between transactional and transformational leadership impacts on how we fulfill our mission and objectives.”  Pastor & participant of Leveraging Life, Queensland.

“This has helped me personally and in the growth of our organization.” Board member and participant of Leveraging Life, Queensland.

“Your wisdom in guiding me through the recent organizational restructure and how to position myself positively was invaluable.” Pastor, Queensland.

“I realized my ideas about mentoring were so limited and now I see that having a mentor in my life to achieve what I want to is necessary.” Participant of Leveraging Life, Queensland.


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